We Sanitize  your Home and Bussines  using appropriate cleaning and disinfection products approved by (EPA) Enviromental Protection Agency of the State of California that  help prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Disinfecting vs Sanitizing

Disinfecting is the highest grade of cleansing in the janitorial industry (sterilization is not for general commercial cleaning). The process takes 5 minutes or more, depending upon the disinfectant used and the area size. Although this process is ideal for contact surfaces in public areas, it’s not practical for every area. Proper disinfecting involves pre-spraying a surface with disinfectant, allowing it to penetrate for no less than 5 minutes, and then removing.


Frequently touched surfaces


Such cubicles and office areas


Cleaning an disinfecting  vehicles.


We service both residential and commercial

We focus on frequently touched surfaces and objects  include: doorknobs, light switches, handrails, kitchen appliances, counter tops, drawer pulls, tables, sinks, faucet and toilet handles, drinking fountains, elevator buttons, push plates, phones, keys and remote controls.

Cleaning and Disinfecting workspaces such cubicles and other office areas, we make sure to disinfect frequently touched surfaces and objects, such as desks, chairs, phones, printers, keyboards and computer mice.   

Cleaning an disinfecting  vehicles,  such as door handles, window buttons, locks, payment machines, arm rests, seat cushions, buckles and seatbelts, steering wheel, radio buttons, turn indicators and cup holders.

When cleaning food establishments, we pay special attention to cash registers, food, deli and checkout counters. 

We service both residential and commercial buildings, including apartments, schools, houses of worship, health care facilities and more.